Congratulations to Samhoo formally joined the PDT Association


March 17th 2014, Shenzhen Samhoo Sci & Tech Co., LTD, and Motorola, ZTE three companies successfully approved by PDTA as new key member. During the meeting, all the association experts and Directors from Ministry of public security recognized the most effort from Samhoo company on the PDT radio development, and hope Samhoo persist in “hand-by-hand cooperation, open to win-win “ principle to work with all the members, and to obtain better and wide range development for the PDT in the world.

PDT Association

In accordance with the Guidance on Promoting Alliance for Industrial Technological Innovation (Guo Ke Fa Zheng [2008] No. 770) issued by the six ministries including the Ministry of Science and Technology as well as other relevant laws and regulations, Professional Digital Trunking System Industry Alliance (hereinafter referred to as the “Alliance” or “PDT Alliance”) was voluntarily established by business enterprises and public institutions dedicated to R&D, production & sales, and operation service of professional digital trunking system.

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